I study break-induced replication, which is a homologous recombination pathway of chromosome break repair.  My projects focus on defining both the genome-destabilizing effects of break-induced replication, as well as mutagenesis that occurs during DNA synthesis associated with break-induced replication. 

The goal of my projects is to investigate the mechanisms of DNA double strand break repair that leads to faulty repair pathways. The major pathways on my focus are the repair mediated by inverted repeat sequences and Break induced replication.

 My project focuses on studying mechanisms of inverted repeat mediated DNA double strand break repair. Currently I am making mutants and modifying DNA in yeast strains to use them as experimental system for this study.

My research focuses on Break Induced Replication.My work involves understanding BIR in detail with respect to mutagenesis studies,its polarity,identifying roles of different polymerases etc.

Angela Deem

Phd Student

Sandeep Ayyar

MS Student

Robert Evans

Undergraduate Researcher

Sreejith Ramakrishnan

Phd Student

Lab Members

Lab of Dr. Anna malkova

Genetics / Mechanism of DNA Repair and Recombination.

Department of Biology

My projects focus on effects of internal and external factors (eg. Drugs like Hydroxyurea and X-Rays) on the BIR repair machinery in yeast system.

I am studying the mutagenic effects of Cisplatin, a cancer treatment drug, on the repair of broken DNA in yeast. The yeast will be treated with Galactose to induce DNA breaks before the addition of the drug.

Kelsey  Schlegelmilch

Undergraduate Researcher

Ruchi Mathur

Research Associate