Our collaborators

IU School of Medicine

Dr. David Gilley, Ph.D.

Duke Medical Center

Email: tom.petes@duke.edu

Dr. Tomas D. Petes, Ph.D.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Email: kirill.lobachev@biology.gatech.edu

Dr. Kirill S. Lobachev, Ph.D.

National Institutes of Environmental Health Science

Dr. Michael Resnick, Ph.D.

Email: resnick@niehs.nih.gov

Anna malkova ph.D.

Genetics / Mechanism of DNA Repair and Recombination.

Department of Biology

Baylor College of Medicine

Email: gira@bcm.edu

Dr. Gregory Ira, Ph.D.

IU School of Medicine

Email: cmdesros@iupui.edu

Drs. Colleen DesRosiers, Ph.D.

IU School of Medicine

Email: jdynlach@iupui.edu

Drs. Joseph Dynlacht, Ph.D.

University of Nebraska School of Medicine

Dr. Youri Pavlov, Ph.D.

Email: ypaplov@unmc.edu

University of North Carolina

Email: piotr_mieczkowski@med.unc.edu

Dr. Piotr Mieczkowski, Ph.D.